LMU Yoga Therapy Rx (Level 1)
Eden Goldman
Hip and Knee Pathology and Yoga Therapy Treatment Methodology
August 6 - August 7, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Moksha Festival
Terra Gold
August 13 - August 14, 2011
Santa Monica, CA

LMU Yoga Therapy Rx (Level 3)
Eden Goldman and Terra Gold
Yoga Treatments for Respiratory Disorders
August 20 - August 21, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Bhakti Fest
Eden Goldman and Terra Gold
September 8 - September 11, 2011
Joshua Tree, CA

Yoga and the Healing Sciences Teacher Training @ LMU
Eden Goldman and Terra Gold with 20 Guest Faculty Members
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program
10 weekends from September 16 - November 20, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

Inner IDEA Conference
Eden Goldman
October 6 - October 9, 2011
San Diego, CA

Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference
Eden Goldman and Terra Gold
October 31 - November 3, 2011
Indian Wells, CA

LMU Yoga Therapy Rx (Level 1)
Eden Goldman
Upper Body Anatomy
November 5 - November 6, 2011
Los Angeles, CA

LMU Yoga Therapy Rx (Level 1)
Eden Goldman
Lower Body Anatomy
December 3 - December 4, 2011
Los Angeles, CA


yoga doctors method

(1½ – 2 Hours)
The Yoga Doctors Method of Vinyasa Krama is an organic system that has been synthesized from the most structurally and energetically intelligent elements of classical Yoga, Thai massage, Qi Gong, Chiropractic mobilizations, Chinese Meridian theory, sports medicine and modern movement science. Vinyasa is the natural artistic fluidity of breath synchronized movements. Krama is an intelligent method or order of practice that is created to awaken the body's innate intelligence. This master class features the classical style of therapeutic Vinyasa Krama, a.k.a. The Art of Enlightened Transition, and presents the practitioner with new and engaging ways of developing enhanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness through asana practice.


(2 – 4 Full Days)
From our nose to our toes, our head to our heart, the tips of our fingers to the intricacies of our spines, our physical bodies (annamaya kosha) provide us with a wealth of information when we know what we're looking at and how to describe what we're seeing. Using powerpoint, photographs, drawings, x-rays, live demonstrations, sports medicine muscle testing, hands-on clinics and yoga asana practice, this workshop explores the anatomy and biomechanics of our joints and muscles while providing both Western and Asian clinical perspectives on harnessing our bodies' innate potential through yoga.

*Please note that this can be separated into 2 workshops: 1 on upper body anatomy and 1 on lower body anatomy.

yoga and the spine

(3 Hours – 2 Full Days)
Physical medicine and Yoga have one key element they share regardless of the style or discipline: POSTURE. Each and every movement, whether exercise or asana, begins and ends with posture. At their essence, all Yoga poses are designed to facilitate better posture to enable the Yoga practitioner to sit for meditation with a good and healthy spine. But, what if our posture has issues? What muscles commonly show up affecting our spines? Most importantly, how can we use Yoga to help?

Through a fusion of Yoga, sports medicine, observational movement therapy and a discussion about the work of famous Czech neurologist Vladamir Janda, this workshop will introduce yoga teachers/therapists to the chronic muscle imbalances found in poor posture and ways in which they can build highly specific physical programs for clients using therapeutic Vinyasa Krama asana sequences.

asana with Eden

(1½ Hours – 1 Full Day)
Therapeutic touch is one of the most healing acts our bodies ever experience on a Yoga mat. The ability to deliver an effective assist to a person in a Yoga pose is both an advanced science and an art form. This adjustment clinic breaks down some of the most popular poses in Yoga and presents new ways in which both teachers and students can look at the postures and deliver more effective asana adjustments to enhance the sweetness of their experience. The class will begin with a light warm-up practice and will transition into an open forum, posture lab and asana adjustment satsang.

hips and knees

(2 Hours – 2 Full Days)
The hip and knee represent the locomotive system of our bodies. If you want to get from one place to another or from one Yoga pose to another, the hip and knee are always involved through the ways in which they move, stabilize, integrate and help us find more freedom. In this workshop, we will look at the anatomy and mechanics of the hip and knee joints and discuss the postural implications of muscle imbalances and hip/knee injuries in Yoga practice. Through an exploration of the hips and knees during the workshop's class, we will apply rarely seen Yoga therapy variations and sports medicine adaptations to traditional poses to further evolve our sense of balance, grace, refined movement and structural support within asanas.

back and pelvis

(2 Hours – 1 Full Day)
The pelvis and low back are the bowl for the seed of creation, growth and our ability to manifest powerfully in the world. For some people there is too much sukha (flexibility) leading to instability. For others there is too much stirrah (steadiness) leading to rigidity. Too much of one or the other impacts our physical structure as well as our energetic systems that regulate emotions, biochemistry and our overall sense of samata (balance). In this workshop, we will use asana, pranayama, Chinese meridian theory, East/West nutrition and awareness exercises to learn how to access the potential of the "seat of the body."

surya namaskar

(1½ -- 3 Hours)
Sun salutations inspire us to energize our bodies and find balance in our Yoga practice by reflecting some of our most natural and basic movements as human beings. During this workshop we will explore some of the 10 varieties of sun salutations along with moon salutations and variations within salutation sequencing. Learn how to promote better spinal stability in poses, discover tricks of unlocking the energetic anatomy of your asanas and gain insight into sports medicine techniques that enhance sun salutations to help you feel better when practicing Yoga.

kirtan with Terra

(1½ – 3 Hours)
A Bhakti Yoga celebration of mantra and music! Chanting Sanskrit names is a profound and heart-oriented approach to working with breath, energy awareness and mental focus. Bhakti Yoga events are a blissful expression of meditation through sound using an ancient language specifically designed to invoke healing through resonance and intention.

Click here to listen to Terra's acapella Gayatri Mantra.

spirit in motion

(1½ – 3 Hours)
Get ready to deepen your aliveness! Use chant, sound and pranayama as a way of deepening your asana practice. These techniques and practices will show you how to use breath and sound to stabilize core, increase proprioceptive awareness and create a more balanced nervous system response loop. This workshop will offer you amazing yogic tools to live by!

the shoulder

(3 Hours – 1 Full Day)
The shoulder is perhaps the most dynamic skeletal structure in the human body. A fusion of fascia, muscles, ligaments and several joints, our shoulders allow us to float and flow with grace when practicing Yoga. But, when our shoulders break down from too many chaturangas, jump backs and everyday life mishaps, how can we evolve our sadhana (Yoga practice) and get back to doing the things we love?

In this workshop, we will overview the anatomy and movementology of the shoulders along with typical shoulder injuries encountered in Yoga practitioners and in work with private clients. We will discuss the roles of shoulder stabilizing muscles vs. shoulder mobilizing muscles as they relate to the yogic concepts of stirrha (stability) and sukha (flexibility). The workshop will culminate with an asana practice that will fine tune form with breath and highlight therapeutic Yoga exercises that teachers and students can apply in their respective practice sequences to help heal the shoulders.

back to basics

(2 Hours – 1 Full Day)
According to the National Institute of Health, over 80% of all people will experience back pain at some point in their life. Wouldn't it be great then to learn some simple, effective, scientifically validated techniques that can be practically applied to Yoga to help heal ourselves and our yoga clients with lower back pain? Well, this workshop will do just that! While sharing the latest research from the experts in sports medicine and rehabilitation, we will analyze some of the main causes of lower back pain and dispel myths that have propagated for years within the Yoga community. The class will then progress into a practice where we will apply core facilitation techniques to enhance your asanas. Your Yoga practice will never be the same. Guaranteed!

common disorders

(2 Hours – 1 Full Day)
Do you know the best way to approach a flare up of carpal tunnel syndrome using yoga therapy? Or how about the difference between tennis elbow and golfer's elbow? Maybe you simply want to learn more about injuries that you've seen pop up from time to time in your yoga clients affecting the low back, neck and spinal discs? This workshop dives deep into a variety of structural injuries that are found in everyday yoga practitioners.

create your own workshop

At Yoga Doctors, we realize that sometimes Yoga schools, workplaces and scholastic programs wish to expose their students, teachers and employees to elements of healthcare science that very few practitioners are able to offer like Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Refacilitation, Workplace Ergonomics for Better Health, Physical Therapeutic Techniques Using Foam Rollers and Gym Balls, Acupuncture/Acupressure Point Theory, Myofascial Release Technique, Post Inhibitory Relaxation Stretching and Advanced Yogic Sciences. This workshop option offers you the opportunity to design your own workshop based on the specifics that you are seeking for your program.

yoga doctors yantra
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