Yoga and the Healing Sciences
A 200-Hour Teacher Training Program
at Loyola Marymount University

Sept. 16th - Nov. 20st, 2011
(All sessions in italics will be led by guest faculty in parenthesis, Eden and/or Terra will lead all other sections)

Weekend #1 (Sept. 16-18)
Friday: Introduction to “Yoga and the Healing Sciences” Teacher Training Program, What is Yoga?
Saturday: Philosophy Practicum 1: The Bhagavad Gita (Chris Chapple), The Role of the Teacher, Anatomy Physiology and Energetics 1
Sunday: Asana Practice 1: Yoga Doctors, Methodology of Teaching 1: Simplifying Asanas Meditation/Pranayama/Kriyas 1 (
Lorin Roche)

Weekend #2 (Sept. 23-25)
Friday: “Titans of Yoga” screening and Q&A with Johannes Fisslinger, founder of National Yoga Month
Saturday: Raja Yoga: The Classical System (
Rev. Tom Kelly), Asana Practice 2: Yoga Doctors
Sunday: Introductory Sanskrit (John Casey), Anatomy Physiology and Energetics 2, Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan 1 (Govindas)

Weekend #3 (Sept. 30-Oct. 2)
Friday: "Yoga Unveiled" screening and Q&A with the movie's director (Gita Desail)
Saturday: Iyengar Yoga Introduction (
Eric Small), Asana Practice 3: Iyengar Yoga (Eric Small) Group Circle, Philosophy Practicum 2: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (Robert Birnberg)
Sunday: Anatomy Physiology and Energetics 3, Posture Clinic 1: The Science and Art of Observing the Body in Yoga Poses

Weekend #4 (Oct. 7-9)
Friday: Overview of Styles of Yoga, Yoga Poses in Sanskrit (John Casey)
Saturday: Anusara Yoga Introduction (Scott Lewicki), Asana Practice 4: Anusara Yoga (Scott Lewicki), Posture Clinic 2: Yoga Biomechanics, Yoga and Nutrition 1
Sunday: Asana Practice 5: Yoga Doctors, Group Circle, Energetic Anatomy 1: Chakras and Bandhas

Weekend #5 (Oct.14-16)
Friday: Energetic Anatomy 2: Ayurvedic Marma Points and Chinese Meridians
Saturday:Asana Practice 6: Yoga Doctors, Philosophy Practicum 3: The Ramayana, Qi Gong/Tai Chi (Sifu Matthew Cohen), Group Circle
Sunday: Ashtanga Yoga Introduction (Maria Villella), Asana Practice 7: Ashtanga Yoga (Maria Villella), Anatomy Physiology and Energetics 4

Weekend #6 (Oct. 21-23)
Friday: Prenatal Yoga, Kidasana: Teaching Yoga to Children (Hala Khouri)
Saturday: Power Yoga Introduction (Brian Kest), Asana Practice 8: Power Yoga (Brian Kest),Assisting and Adjusting Yoga Poses 1, Meditation/Pranayama/Kriyas 2 (Brian Kest)
Sunday: Asana Practice 9: Yoga Doctors, Posture Clinic 3: Common Injuries in the Yoga Room, Introduction of Yoga Doctors Set

Weekend #7 (Oct. 28-30)
Friday: Therapeutic Touch/Yogassage (Julian Walker)
Saturday: Asana Practice 10: Yoga Doctors, Posture Clinic 4: Asana Lab, Methodology of Teaching 1: Teachers Begin Teaching
Sunday: Group Circle, Sequencing Classes 1, Introduction to Kundalini Yoga (
Guru Singh), Asana Practice 11: Kundalini Yoga (Guru Singh)

Weekend #8 (Nov. 4-6)
Friday: Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan 2 (Jai Uttal)
Saturday: Introduction to Himalayan Yoga Institute (
Luke Ketterhagen), Asana Practice 12: Himalayan Yoga Institute (Luke Ketterhagen), Group Circle, Assisting and Adjusting Yoga Poses 2
Sunday: Methodology of Teaching 2: Students Design & Teach Mini-Sequences, Bikram Yoga Introduction (
Rajashree Choudhury), Asana Practice 13: Bikram Yoga (Rajashree Choudhury)

Weekend #9 (Nov. 11-13)
Friday: Yoga and Ayurveda (Felicia Tomasko)
Saturday: Asana Practice 14: Yoga Doctors (Student Led Practices), Meditation/Pranayama/Kriyas 3 (Lorin Roche)
Sunday:The Business of Teaching Yoga, Group Circle, Karma Yoga Check-In, Yoga for Mid-life (Larry Payne)

Weekend #10 (Nov. 18-20)
Friday: Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan 3: Giving Thanks to Shakti
Saturday: Ethics of Teaching Yoga, How to Teach Private Sessions 1, Yoga Therapy 1
Sunday: Asana Practice 15: Yoga Doctors, Group Circle, Taking the Practice Home, GRADUATION AND PARTY!


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